Tires Sponsorship

The Chairman of LOTUS Cup Greater China Races, Eric WONG, happily announces that Richburg LOTUS appoints Federal Tyres as the exclusive tire sponsor for 2013 LOTUS Greater China Races, held at 60th Macau Grand Prix.

Federal Tyres, founded in 1954, celebrating its 60th anniversary next year, is one of the leading tire manufacturers in Taiwan. In 1960s and 1980s, technical cooperation with Bridgestone and Dunlop for 20 years respectively, enables Federal to acquire profound knowledge and develop better products. Based on these experiences, Federal has comprehensive ranges of tire, including PCR, HP, UHP and SUV. Nevertheless, Federal always strives to pursue the greatness and is enthusiastically devoted itself to the motorsports competitions. With good reputation of its motorsports line, Federal has always been assigned as sponsor in many competitions and championships.

Richburg Lotus evaluated many motorsports products in the market and confirmed that Federal Motorsports product outperforms other competitors. It not only has excellent performance in both dry and wet conditions, regardless of the weight of race cars and the race condition, but also passes the 60 laps demanding testing with consistence of level grip and less tear and wear.

“Federal Motorsport products have always had great reputation on its excellent performance. They are the combination of the competition intelligence and characteristics and they are made to provide smooth switching in speed and to further reinforce the handling stability while corning” says Geoffrey Chang, Federal’s marketing manager. “It is our pleasure to partner with Richburg Lotus with such a renowned racing event, and I believe it also demonstrates a successful relationship between the two parties.” He continued.

2013 LOTUS Greater China Races is privileged to work with Federal Tyres, the prestigious brand in the industry. Hope through this partnership, Richburg Lotus and Federal will create excellent championships in 2013 LOTUS Greater China Races and around the world together.