Preference will be given to the best and most representative drivers from their country/region but packages are not transferrable.

Purchase Package

There is an option to purchase left or right-hand drive vehicles at $62,800 USD, with additional charges of $3,850 USD for each weekend event in China and $6,850 USD for the Macau Grand Prix Carnival, not including fuel costs. Early bird purchasers will be provided with a complimentary, custom-made race suit and helmet that can be ordered to match their car’s livery. Additional information on the early bird bonus is attached.

Exit Package

Owners will be provided with an option to convert race cars to road cars should they wish to exit from future motorsports and register the car for private use on public roads. Alternatively, Richburg LOTUS will offer to buy back cars at 45% depreciation, subject to no accident damage or any other unfair wear and tear. This is a ‘world first’ exit offer.

Lease Package (for right-hand drive vehicles only)

A limited number of vehicles will be available for lease and drivers from Hong Kong and Macau will be given priority for allocation at a very attractive price:

$39,600 USD*   4 entries in China + entry into the Macau Grand Prix event
*not including the cost of personal safety gear and fuel charges

There will be additional service charges for each of the scheduled race weekends, as follows:
China $3,850 USD
Macau $6,850 USD

Under lease agreement, additional practice sessions and race track (GIC) access time are limited.


Prior to participating in any event, a deposit of $20,000 USD will be required to cover the cost of any accident repairs. This sum will be returned if no accident occurs but competitors can buy additional insurance through the organizer to cover any damage repair, details of which will be finalized in April 2013.

Accidents and Compensation

The LOTUS factory will offer the necessary support to ensure the success of the Greater China Race and there will be sufficient spare parts on hand to maintain all cars at competition readiness, including chassis, engines, gearboxes, and, bodywork panels. Spare parts cost and labor charges will be announced within two weeks of the launch to give all competitors a clear indication of competitive and affordable pricing that is fair. The most important thing is to provide competitors with an opportunity to have some fun whilst competing in a memorable event that they can truly enjoy.

Sporting and Technical Regulations

n conjunction with the Macau Grand Prix Committee, Richburg LOTUS will publish the sporting and technical regulations in May 2013.

Hospitality Services

All racers are encouraged to turnout for promotional activities and hospitality services will be provided for arrangement of accommodation and transportation at the individual competitor’s cost.

Additional Information on Lease or Purchase Options

An initial payment (purchase or lease) of 60% of the principal sum is required, as a deposit, on entering into an agreement or ordering a car with the balance payable by 14th June 2013. Failure to complete the transaction on schedule will result in forfeit of the deposit.

Conditions of Exit Plan, i.e. Buy-back

Buy-back is based upon return of an undamaged car to the Lotus dealership in Hong Kong. The cost of any damage repairs will be deducted from the buy-back offer price.


In the event of any dispute, the conditions of lease or purchase will be governed and construed according to the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Courts.


All drivers need to purchase personal liability, third party risks insurance, whilst lease holders will require comprehensive insurance to cover the cost of a replacement vehicle, less a reasonable excess of no more than $50,000 HKD.


The organizer shall have no liability for any loss, damage, injury or any other claims for compensation, expressed or implied, arising from participation in race events, including associated practice and qualification sessions.

Display of Owners/ Lessee Sponsors

All advertising material on cars has to comply with the 60th Macau Grand Prix Regulations on the subject and must be submitted to the organizer in the first instance to determine appropriate design, size, and, placement. Vehicle owners and lease holders may enjoy advertising rights on 70% or 20% of designated display areas respectively.

Changes of Lease Car

The organizer has the discretion to change the use of race cars for lessee before the race week starts. In the event of unexpected damage repairs that are so extensive that they cannot be completed in time for qualification or the race itself, no replacement car will be provided and the racer will be regarded as DNF.

Early Bird - Owner Purchase

  • OMP Race Suit Team LOTUS F1 Style
  • Race helmets
  • Free use of tyres for races
  • Free fuel for races
  • Free two paddock passes in race weekdays (not-transferrable)
  • Free one day track day practice, excluding services and fuel
  • Priority to choose competition number and car colour from choice of 60 cars

Early Bird - Leases

  • Free use of tyres for races
  • Free fuel for races
  • Free two paddock passes in race weekdays (not-transferrable)
  • Free morning half day track day practice, excluding services and fuel

Why the Greater China Race?

  • A real test of your standard of racemanship in comparison with all top drivers.
  • Assuring your position in Macau Grand Prix 2013.
  • Competition is fair, exciting, and dignified.
  • Driver may focus on enjoyment, without worrying about logistics or backup.
  • Racing with Asia’s finest drivers.
  • Racing with a legendary and professional racing brand.
  • Racing a brand new car.
  • Owners have cheaper costs with an attractive, optional exit plan.
  • Supply is limited, and the first year price is very competitive and reasonable.
  • Extensive media coverage on the first ever ‘Greater China Race’.
  • Early bird offer includes free LOTUS race suit, helmet, 2 sets of racing tyres and free fuel for racing.
  • A good networking and learning platform for the future.
  • Excellent hospitability services on site.
  • Affordable or limited expense is guaranteed with good options for the future.

LOTUS Racing Academy

Zero to Hero – Experience, Enjoy, Excel (3E)

Fitness of body and mind is an absolute must and novice drivers need to adopt and develop aptitude and attitude. The LOTUS team will train drivers from zero experience to hero performance whilst maintaining comfortable margins for both enjoyment and safety. The cost of the programme is RMB $49,800 per module, including reading material, classroom-guided learning sessions and hands-on go-cart practice before progressing to two days FIA race-track training.

  • Skills set in car control and safety – a defensive driving programme.
  • Weight transfer and tail handling – a go-kart training programme.
  • Physiological and psychological training, to ensure attention and concentration levels will not be diminished because of race helmet, suit and cabin temperature in hot weather.
  • Racing and competition tactics, including strict safety protocols when cornering and overtaking
  • Racesmanship, the code of conduct, rules and regulations on the track.
  • Knowledge of the race circuits at GIC and Macau, including a familiarization programme on circuit proficiency and local nuances
  • Pre-race and at-race emotional and stress management.
  • The discipline of a respected and respectful racer.

Cost of Additional Practice/Track Time (at GIC)

Owners - provision of manpower support, fuel and time slot in an open track condition - RMB $6,500/day

Lessees – provision of manpower support, fuel and time slot in an open track condition - RMB$12,500/day

Account Details

Bank Name: Hang Seng Bank
Branch & Address: Wanchai North Branch, No. 3, Ground floor,
Causeway Centre, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Account Name: Richburg Corporation Limited
Bank Account Number: 218084507001

Bank Name: Hang Seng Bank
Branch & Address: Wanchai North Branch, No. 3, Ground floor,
Causeway Centre, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Account Name: Richburg Corporation Limited
Bank Account Number: 346-9-706695

***Remarks: pls. settle payment includes bank charges***

Additional Information

Entry Form

5th April 2013

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